French Attitude : 101 behavioural attributes of Frenchship


146 pages


Livraison France : 3.30€

ISBN : 978-2-36523-032-2

Disponible : Papier & Numérique

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This book just might save you a lot of relational problems if you are going to live in France. In any case it will open your eyes to a profound behavioural psyche even if you don’t want to settle in France. For the French, this will be a unique perspective, looking from outside in.

Brian C.Kelly lives in France for ver nine years, with five of those spent studying and the rest working in the private sector. This book is the result of a the severe culture shock and challenging experience he had on first moving to France. Brian’s perspective on French behaviour was further sharpened by his experience of other cultures, this time after leaving France. His concern at these subtle, yet significant differences in attitude prompted him to pen down his thoughts and that of others in a work that offers a fresch perspective into “Frenchship”.

If you matter about foreign attitudes, you can talk and learn more about it on


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Posté le 6 janvier 2015
Karen Johnson

How wonderful to find this book! Going to France to work has been something I have wanted for a very long time! What has held me back has been worries about fitting in; how I would be viewed by my French co-workers; and most importantly, would I be able to make this transition without inadvertent social disasters? French Attitude 101 is a lifesaver! Now I can begin the process of applying to work in France without fear. Thank you Bran C. Kelly for this helpful and proactive look at living and working in France.

Posté le 12 février 2014

As I am French, I must tell you that this book is really pertinent, humoristic and sometimes cruel. I smiled a lot at reading it. I would like to read about other countries similar books.